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Samir Khan 06 Mar 2019
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16 Mar 2019
The Life of a Video Editor
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A day in the life of a UX Designer in San Francisco (but forreal)


About a year ago I made a video about the day in the life as a Product/UX Designer and looking back on it… I just don't think it was that useful. So, I decided to remake that video but hopefully with more answers to the question than fluff. I hope you enjoy it!



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All the things:

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A typical day in the life of a Product Designer is really different each day so it's hard to put everything that goes on into one video. Regardless, here's a quick list of things that I cover in the video.

1. Flexible Schedules: Sometimes I get into work a bit later because I take morning meetings from home.

2. Mornings: The mornings are often reserved for clearing emails, providing answers to questions from the day before about projects (my company is international so when I'm asleep some of my colleagues are working), as well as working on different types of design documentation.

3. Meetings: The more you grow into a leadership role on your team, the more meetings you may start to have. This is great though, because you want to make sure the design team is represented when important decisions are made.

Also, no meeting-type days are common in tech jobs. I love this idea. I get a lot more heads down design work done during these days. My design team sometimes runs design jams on these days too.

4. Collaboration: I work very closely with my Product Management and Engineering teams. We all have important and different perspectives on the projects we work on together. Feedback happens very often, both in scheduled meetings and in casual conversation.

5. Variety: Product Designers are very customer focused, so we are often working with researchers to get our designs in front of customers. Part of my job is facilitating those sessions, creating documentation on what we learned, communicated it, and using the research to inform design decisions. This creates a lot of variety to my days since we are often in different stages of the design process across different projects.



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Let me know if you have any questions!

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The Life of a Video Editor
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